The Data Breach That Puts You Out of Business… Might Not Even Be Targeting You

The widespread rise of broad, untargeted phishing attempts across Australia means that most cyber attacks aren’t carried out by the kind of sinister hackers you see in movies.

Instead, it could be a disgruntled employee downloading data – or even a trusted employee clicking an untrustworthy link – that puts your business at risk. It doesn't matter if you're big or small, or what industry you're in.

If you store data – or have access to sensitive business or third-party customer data – you have valuable assets that could be compromised.

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So what are you supposed to do, with Microsoft reporting a 300% rise in identity attacks in the last year?

You build a strong foundation for security through proper Identity & Access Management (IAM).

Robust IAM is the cornerstone of watertight cybersecurity that keeps attacks at bay by controlling exactly who gets access to what.

In our 15+ years of experience, weak IAM maturity is one of the biggest gaps we’ve seen inside modern cybersecurity. But there are steps you can begin taking today to analyse and improve your security posture.

Mangano IT's free checklist, ‘Measuring Your Identity and Access Management (IAM) Maturity,' will show you exactly where your vulnerabilities lie:


The average cost of an SMB data breach


The increase in identity attacks in the past year

1 in 3

The number of data breaches caused by human error

Inside, you’ll find actionable guidance on:

  • What is IAM?
  • Your IAM Documentation
  • Obstacles of a Modern Workforce
  • Proper Device Management
  • Your User Roles and Access
  • Your Account Provisioning
  • Your Hiring and Termination Workflows
But why listen to us?

Security is baked into our DNA.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Security Partner, Mangano IT has been protecting businesses like yours across Australia for the past 15 years. In this free guide, we draw on our proven IAM processes to help safeguard the assets you may not even know you have against both malicious and unintentional data breaches.

"Business needs to consider the implications of Identity and Access Management (IAM) holistically across an organisation. A successful implementation of IAM requires a cohesive approach from all departments ensuring business policy and process leads to the right people having access to the right data from the right locations."

Paul Mangano, Managing Director, Mangano IT